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Racine Medical offers tested, fully refurbished ultrasound parts and transducers at an affordable price

Racine Medical Electronics has a large inventory of fully tested ultrasound parts and transducers. Our technical support team will assist you find the part you need, and we will give you alternatives based on OEM recommendations.

We carry parts and transducers for the following systems:

Acuson Sequoia 512, Sequoia 256, Aspen, 128XP/10, ATL HDI 1000, ATL HDI 3000, ATL HDI 3500, ATL HDI 5000, HP Sonos 1000, HP Sonos 2000, HP Sonos 2500, HP Sonos 4500, HP Sonos 5500, HP Sonos 7500, GE Logiq 400 Pro, GE Logiq 500 Pro, GE Logiq 700 Expert, GE Logiq 3, GE Logiq 5, GE Logiq 7, GE Logiq 9, GE Vivid 3, GE Vivid 4, GE Vivid 5, GE Vivid 7, GE Voluson 730 Pro, GE Voluson 730 Expert, GE Voluson E8, Philips iU22, Philips iE33, Philips HD11, Philips EnVisor, Siemens Sonoline Antares, Siemens Acuson Antares, Siemens S2000.

All our ultrasound parts and transducers are fully tested and packaged ready to ship anywhere in the country. If we do not have the part you are looking for, probably no one in the industry has it. The difference is that we might be able to recommend a replacement that will work based on the manufacture recommendations.

Our testing procedures cover diagnostic testing, image quality verification, live scanning and final QA. If we cannot test an ultrasound part or transducer, we will not sell it. You can count on the quality of our ultrasound parts to get your ultrasound system up and running.

For more information on purchasing ultrasound parts, ultrasound transducers or peripherals contact our sales department toll free at 1-800-836-0696 or send us an e-mail


Contact Racine Medical Electronics for more info.

Tel: 800-836-0696 – Fax: 203-924-7277

ACR/ ICAVL Accredited

Racine Medical preventative maintenance on ultrasound systems meets all ACR and ICAVL requirements.

Racine Medical Electronics

We provide sales and service of diagnostic ultrasound in New England, New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania

Ultrasound Systems

Fully refurbished ultrasound systems that meet OEM specifications. iU22, iE33, Logiq 9, Vivid 7, Voluson 730, Voluson E8 and much more ...
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Transducer Repair

All Acuson, ATL, GE, HP, Philips and Siemens transducers including TEE, standard, intra-cavity and 3D/4D
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